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Quality policy

Quality policy

The main goal of the Management is to improve Product Quality and related services as well as the system quality.
All our collaborators are responsible for the Quality of Products because quality can only be obtained if all are involved and actively participate in the process.
On its part, the Management both promotes adequate programs of training aimed at continuously increase professionalism and assesses collaborators personal commitment, professional skills and their contribution to maintain and increase quality.

deltaceramica ha scelto la strada della qualità come strategia aziendale

We aim at:

- Identifying customers' needs and expectations so as to fully satisfy them
- Improving internal and external organization and production standards in order to increase efficiency of production
- Making workers aware of the importance of achieving high quality standards
- Developing new relationships with suppliers towards the common goal of improving technological and organizational skills
- Acquiring new market shares
- Satisfying our customers by producing items based on their specific needs designed by our research and development laboratory
- Further investigating - also in cooperation with external bodies
- the correlation between the raw materials we use and the finished product properties.

Our Customers Satisfaction oriented policy allows deltaceramica to supply its Customers with products and services complying with the agreed characteristics and implement corrective actions in order to rectify non conformities, to relentlessly improve the quality of products and, finally, to hold and improve our competitiveness.

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