Tactile systems What is LOGES

UA special tactile embossed flooring to enable visually impaired users move independently.

LOGES System is based on two basic codes and four second level codes
Codici base: si percepiscono in qualsiasi situazione (anche lungo un percorso assistito dalla sola guida naturale).

Straight Path

Second Level Codes: these codes add useful information, and are easily recognizable for their different shape. They are always present on routes or tactile guidance surfaces.


"L" turn

"T" intersection

Service Sign

Crossable Danger

How it works

EsIt gives directional information and situational warnings through four different channels:
- kinesthetic and plantar tactile senses
- manual tactile sense (white cane)
- hearing
It provides acoustic information from either the cane tip or the shoe sole, based on the different sound received in response to contact with the material forming the route guide which differs from the surrounding flooring.
- to benefit partially sighted users
It provides visual information thanks to the chromatic and brightness contrast between the route and the surrounding flooring and among the route different signs.

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