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deltaceramica was founded in 1996 as a company specialized in marketing of ceramic and rubber tiles. Over the years, thanks to professional qualifications and specific experience of members and collaborators, dynamics and business management and to the consolidated collaborations with some of the most prestigious companies in the industry, our company has broadened the range of its activities, crossing regional borders.

Today deltaceramica is structured to offer its customers, in the entire national territory, a full range of products and services ranging from marketing, consulting, design, construction supervision up to site supply of some of the products marketed.

Oggi deltaceramica è strutturata per offrire ai propri clienti, sull’intero territorio Nazionale, una gamma completa di prodotti e servizi che spaziano dalla commercializzazione, alla consulenza, alla progettazione, alla direzione lavori fino alla fornitura in opera di alcuni dei prodotti commercializzati.

deltaceramica is known nationally as a leader in the field, especially in the area of adjustments for hypo-blind. Our Company, since 1997, with the help of its technical department, follows the layout of the paths for the visually impaired, for which offers consulting and design verification and assistance on site during installation, in collaboration with some of the main hypo blind associations of national importance. deltaceramica is, in this sector, the undisputed leader in number of designs, rework design, marketing and supply in work performed. It also vaunts the first complete alignment with the DPR 503/96 regarding the fall of architectural barriers for hypo- blind, in a railway station of the region Campania (Italy) as well as collaborations with leading companies producing tracks for the visually impaired.

The design of the adjustments are always made ​​in consideration of the perception capacity of the blind. And it is subject to approval of the main Associations of the blind. deltaceramica has its own production of tactile maps with which places itself on the market with the largest and complete catalog that it is now possible to find.


Italian regulations

The last texts which deals with it in a specific way are the Regulations issued by the D.P.R. July 24, 1996, n * 503, of which we give below a few paragraphs concerning the subject matter.
Article 1.2 letter c are considered architectural barriers and thus to be surpassed "the lack of measures and reports that allow the orientation and recognition of places and sources of danger to anyone and especially for the blind, visually impaired and deaf ".
Article 1.3 These rules are applied to buildings and public spaces in new construction, even though temporary, or for those existing but undergoing renovation. They are also applied to buildings and public spaces subjected to any other type of building work likely to limit the accessibility and visibility, at least the part subject to the intervention itself. They also apply to buildings and public spaces in whole or in part subject to change if destined for public use, and special services of public utility.
Article 1.4. to the existing buildings and public spaces, although not subject to recovery or functional reorganization, in which must be done all those things to improve the usability on the basis of the rules contained in this Regulation
Article 4 "projects involving public spaces and infrastructure works which are predominantly for pedestrian use must include at least one accessible location that can allow the use of services, social relationships and use of the environment fruition also for those who have reduced or impaired capacity, ether motor or sensory. "
Article 7.1 "Along stairs and ramps, will be applied the norms contained in paragraphs 8.1.10. Decree of the Minister of Public Works June 14, 1989, number 236. "The D.M. must report the beginning and the end of the stairs with special tactile strips recognizable by the blind, which must be placed at least 30 cm from the stairs itself.
Article 13.3 "In regards to the external spaces of the buildings , the necessary access requirement is considered met if there is at least one path entry to the building that may be used by people with reduced or impaired mobility or sensory.

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